Illinois Association of Hispanic State Employees (IAHSE)

Since 1987 IAHSE has been instrumental in addressing issues affecting Latinos in state employment and community services. As an advocate, it is IAHSE’s intent to remain a viable and effective force impacting the employment and educational policies which may infringe on the aspirations of our constituency.

More importantly, IAHSE was given the responsibility of formulating recommendations designed to enhance and refocus state Hispanic employment plans, and to remove barriers and level the playing field to encourage greater opportunities for Hispanic applicants and employees throughout the State of Illinois.

Because IAHSE is led by a volunteer Board of Directors and is the FIRST Hispanic state employees association advocating for Hispanic state employees’ rights, we would like to encourage all Hispanic state employees to become members of this organization and celebrate the diversity of the Latino culture, and to realize that there is strength in numbers when it comes to advocacy.PO Box 641526, Chicago, Illinois 60664